AITC Provides Increased Data Security

CSX Technology and TNT Logistics North America have announced a co-hosting data security agreement that will supplement TNT Logistics’ information technology infrastructure. CSX’s Advanced Information Technology Center (AITC) will provide physical security and high-speed network connectivity to TNT Logistics from its facility in Jacksonville, Florida.

The agreement enables TNT Logistics to provide a mirrored “failover” architecture to its customers. In the event of a computer system outage, operations would automatically switch over to servers housed at the AITC. This secure, hardened facility will ensure that TNT Logistics’ systems are running and available 24/7.

“Having continuous access to information is critical to the success of every business,” said Chuck Wodehouse, CSX Technology’s president. “We’re pleased to offer TNT Logistics and its customers the data security and peace-of-mind they need to run their daily operations. TNT Logistics’ customers will benefit from having the highest possible uptime from our servers, and a switchover in the event of an emergency.”

TNT Logistics North America CIO Keith Goldsmith added, “Using the services of AITC will enhance our IT infrastructure, particularly in terms of our disaster recovery and business continuity strategies. Our operations support many global supply chains, where reliability and dependability are critical for success. As such, the duplicate infrastructure available at the AITC will ensure our ability to operate continuously and provide our customers access to key logistics information.”

With triple power redundancy, advanced telecommunications and its physical security system, AITC can ride out major storms and other catastrophes, and keep running for up to 30 consecutive days.

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