Brakes Take Handling’s Wear and Tear

Brakes Take Handling’s Wear and Tear

MagnaShear motor brakes from Force Control Industries employ oil shear technology, providing longer service life for frequent start/stop-cycle applications such as conveyors, cranes and other material handling equipment. Oil shear technology transmits torque between lubricated surfaces, thereby eliminating wear on friction surfaces. The fluid recirculation system dissipates heat, eliminating heat build-up which is the most common problem in dry braking systems. Eliminating wear significantly increases service life and virtually eliminates adjustment which also elongates maintenance intervals.

MagnaShear motor brakes can be furnished to fit a NEMA or IEC frame motor, as a complete motor and brake assembly, or to mount on a machine frame or other special mounting configuration. They are totally enclosed with seal integrity for harsh and washdown environments.

Force Control Industries

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