Clayco Building 3M Midwest Distribution Center

Clayco (Chicago) recently began construction on a 410,400-sq.-ft. distribution center for 3M in Dekalb. The 21-acre site will feature 13,155 sq. ft. of office space and two material storage rooms, totaling 77,515 sq. ft. The new structure will serve as 3M's main Midwest distribution center.

The two material storage rooms will feature additional fire protection due to the sensitive products that will be stored in the rooms. "Due to the highly technical aspects of these rooms, we are taking extra steps to ensure that all aspects of the distribution center are protected," said Trevor Ryor, project manager. Clayco will install special walls, mechanical and electrical systems and an in-rack sprinkler system to provide the building with additional layers of protection. The storage areas will house red label and aerosol products.

Scheduled for completion in August, the exterior of the building will be constructed of pre-cast concrete wall panels and steel. In addition to being the design-builder on the project, Clayco also will complete the interior finish for the building.

Source: Clayco

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