Pallet Detector

New Castle, Delaware, Sky-Trax, Inc. is pleased to announce the commercial release of the Sky-Trax Pallet Detector TM. Designed to provide an electronic signal indicating pallet acquisition on board forklift trucks, it will be used primarily by automated systems requiring digital “LOAD ON-BOARD” and “NO LOAD ON-BOARD” verification. The Pallet Detector also assures drivers correct pallet placement on the forks where pallet and fork visibility is restricted.

Model PD-1C Pallet Detector TM utilizes small opto-electronic devices to produce rapid and reliable sensing of LOAD and NO LOAD conditions. It offers adjustable sensitivity and ON/OFF trigger points for repeatable placement of loads on forklifts. Low power consumption and heavy duty stainless steel construction make it well suited for industrial use.

“We are very excited about the release of our new Pallet Detector product” said Mitch Silver, Sky-Trax CEO. “We have many new products in the pipeline and it is great to see them hitting the market.” Other products to be released this year include the Sky-Trax Fork Height Detector, which electronically provides a precise indication of fork height, and the Skan-Free ™ system, which removes the necessity of having forklift drivers scan barcodes. All products integrate completely with Sky-Trax Indoor Positioning Sensing (IPS) Technology.

For more information about The Sky-Trax Pallet DetectorTM PD-1C product, please visit us online at: or contact a Sky-Trax representative

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