Stock picking system

Eau Claire, Wis. – LPI Lift Systems, manufacturer of lifts and aerial work platforms, has announced the availability of customized material handling pick vehicles for large distribution centers. Flexibility of design allows the company’s lifts, work platforms and other related equipment to be customized, manufactured or converted for use in many specific stock-picking applications.

The platforms accommodate the worker in a pick car, which moves from one location to the next within a large distribution storage rack system. Mounted on a self-propelled base, the operator travels along a fixed track between shelving racks in an upward or downward motion to retrieve stock or materials.

The cab of the pick car houses the operator controls, which include 110-volt electrical outlets and shelving for holding printers or other necessary electronic devices all situated in a safer, ergonomic work environment.

Each platform requires a 480-volt, 3-phase, 40-amp power supply. Safety devices such as flashing beacons signal when drive controls are activated and a spring loaded bumper on both the front and back send a stop command to the lift controls if contact is made with any objects or if the car reaches the end of the rail.

The lift system is designed for rail speeds up to 225 FPM with a speed ramping system for starts and stops. The platform can be raised or lowered at speeds up to 90 FPM.

For over 25 years LPI Lift Systems has manufactured personnel lifts and aerial work platforms designed for safety and worker convenience in a variety of work environments. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the company at 800 Wisconsin Street, Unit 10, Eau Claire, Wis. 54703. Toll Free Phone: (800) 657-6956; Fax: (715) 839-8647; E-Mail: [email protected]; Web:

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