Operators at a Jumbo grocery DC saw a doubledigit productivity improvement from the fivesecondsperpick reduction

Operators at a Jumbo grocery DC saw a double-digit productivity improvement from the five-seconds-per-pick reduction.

Cutting Five Seconds per Pick: How to Optimize Low-Level Order Picking

Automated solutions, such as forklifts controlled by wearable technology, are a viable path to significant productivity improvements.

Wearable warehouse management system (WMS) technologies, such as pick-to-voice systems, have largely delivered on their promise of improving productivity in low-level order picking. By eliminating the need for operators to continually refer to and update paper printouts, these systems have helped businesses achieve double-digit improvements in pick productivity. As a result, they are now commonplace in large warehouses.

Yet upon closer examination, the low-level order picking

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