1-2-3 Warehouse Protection Trials

(www.sentrypro.com) Plant managers seeking optimal ways to protect their investments in facilities, equipment, and vehicles, can now custom design 30-day trial packages of up to three types of collision protection products available from Sentry Products – Sentry 1-2-3 Warehouse Protection Trial www.sentrypro.com/warehouse123.htm . These trial packages are designed to provide real-world on-site tests of user-selected combinations of three of four possible Sentry collision protection products--- Column Sentry™, Rack Sentry™, Corner Sentry™, and/or Concrete Wrap™.

The various Sentry collision protection products are designed to withstand different wear and collision challenges in typical facility designs—

· Rack Sentry® – flexible attachments to rack uprights that make less effective rigid rack attachments obsolete www.sentrypro.com/rshome.htm

· Corner Sentry™ – highly absorbent corner protectors that more effectively minimize the impact of vehicle collisions www.sentrypro.com/cghome.htm

· Concrete Wrap™ – high tech foam cushions that strap on to protect pillars and posts www.sentrypro.com/wraphome.htm

· Column Sentry® – the high performance standard for column protectors, proven to be 80% more effective than knock-off imitations www.sentrypro.com/CSHome.htm

Jim Ryan, Sentry Products Director, explains that the risk-free Sentry 1-2-3 Warehouse Protection Trial program is designed to give facility managers in a wide swathe of industries a better understanding of the various tools available for effective collision protection. Ryan says, “Historically many facility managers have been quick to grasp the value of column protectors and have sought out Column Sentry as the most cost-effective durable option available in the marketplace. However, there is far less awareness of the other protection products, how they are engineered for top performance, and how they can help companies cope with protecting unique facility designs with the demands of distinct operating patterns. With Sentry 1-2-3 Warehouse Protection Trials, products can be evaluated in real-world conditions, so that the best choices can be determined to protect facilities, inventory, lift trucks, and other equipment.”

Sentry Products (www.sentrypro.com) created the first patented solution for column protection in 1998 and now is the world leader in patented high performance collision protection products.

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