10 Best Lean, Green Warehouse Networks

CHICAGO-Lean green warehouse networks are environmentallyfriendly and cost efficient. They reduce carbon footprint emissions, fuel andlogistics costs by minimizing the distances between a company and itscustomers. They eliminate the clash between lean and green.

Chicago Consulting has announced its list of the 10 BestLean-Green Warehouse Networks for 2008 These networks set benchmarks forcompanies concerned about their carbon footprint and how more efficientdistribution can reduce it.

Historically, the firm has specified the 10 BestWarehouse Networks for each of the last 12 years based on fresh populationstatistics. It's widely reprinted and recognized throughout the US supply chaincommunity. These networks are "green" because they embody theshortest distance between the network and customers eliminating truck milesdriven, congestion and carbon emissions. They are "lean" because theoutbound costs are least and they are "best" because shipments fromthem reach their customers in the least amount of time.

Number one is Bloomington, IN, with and average of 803 toits customers and a transit lead time of 2.28 days. The rest of the locationson this list, please visit www.chicago-consulting.com/10best.shtml.

These networks are developed from the firm's proprietaryoptimizing software it uses to design supply chains for specific companies. Indeveloping these 10 Best Lean-Green Warehouse Networks the US population wasused as a surrogate for a generic company's customer pattern. "While manycompanies do not sell products directly to individuals," said TerryHarris, Managing Partner of Chicago Consulting, "the US population is agood representation of many companies' customer patterns." "Whendesigning a individual company's network," he added, "it's alwaysbetter to use their specific pattern."

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