10 Tips for Recruiting Distribution Center Employees

  1. Develop a relationship with local or state employment service offices, military bases and unemployment offices
    a. Develop pipeline early (due to high turnover)
  2. Understand your talent market
    a. Know who is opening or closing nearby
    b. Know what talent competitors are paying
  3. Use temporary labor providers to assist with staffing, when appropriate
    a. High turnover/WC (workman's comp)
  4. Implement an employee referral program
    a. Great employees come from great employees
    b. Consider reward system for referrals
  5. Conduct open houses and attend job fairs
    a. Great place for large numbers
    b. Provide giveaways or other
  6. Give realistic view of the job
    a. During the interview process
    b. Engage current employees
  7. Rethink your advertising strategy
    a. Online (job boards/internet/web site), print, radio remotes, use fun/enticing themes
  8. Focus on selection
    a. Consider using assessment tools or behavioral interviews to determine record of success or other important information (competencies, safe behaviors, etc.)
    b. Background checks
    c. Drug tests
  9. Use up to date recruitment technology - ATS (Applicant Tracking System), Talent Pools, etc.
    a. Consider using kiosks at the location or going paperless
    b. It is cheaper than you think
  10. Do not forget retention
    a. Treat employee like you like to be treated
    b. Orientation/on-boarding
    c. Exit interviews
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