1200-AKL Dimension Scanning System

FARMINGTON, Utah - Quantronix Inc, introduces the CubiScan® 1200-AKL, a large capacity, static dimension scanning device that works in conjunction with heavy-capacity scales to provide accurate cube and weight data for large palletized or irregular shaped freight. Its overhead-mounted, multi-sensor configuration provides a comprehensive view of the freight measurement area while allowing access from any direction. The 1200-AKL can be ceiling-mounted, providing unobstructed access for the user and protection against equipment damage. It can also be wall-mounted or equipped with mounting legs and casters enabling it to be easily moved to various locations within a warehouse or freight handling facility.

The CubiScan 1200-AKL utilizes advanced Class 1 infrared laser sensing technology that is safe for operators and freight. Two laser scanners are fixed to parallel guides that pass over the freight. The system scans a three-dimensional measurement area without special illumination or contact, and can measure freight in any orientation and of virtually any shape color, or package material. In its standard configuration, the 1200-AKL is capable of measuring from 1 cubic foot to 8 x 5 x 9 feet (larger, customized versions of the system are available).

With a panel-mounted PC controller, touch-screen monitor, and integrated data collection software, the CubiScan 1200-AKL can process multi-piece shipments, initiate parcel tracking tasks, and prepare the collected dimensional and weight data to be transferred to the customer’s data processing system. An accessory high-resolution digital camera and a special software module can be integrated to allow for convenient photographic documentation of freight condition or damage. Finally, the system can be programmed to work with a wide variety of floor-scale and forklift scale digital display units, barcode label scanning equipment and printing devices to create a complete turnkey cubing, weighing, and tracking workstation. “As volume-based freight manifesting and rating practices have become more commonplace, the CubiScan 1200-AKL is a compelling alternative to manual measurement processes. Evaluation of the system by leading freight carriers has confirmed its viability.” said Clark Skeen, President of Quantronix.

The CubiScan 1200-AKL is a full featured, robust dimensioning system designed to facilitate quick and accurate measurement of large or palletized freight in cargo handling and logistics applications. It is powerful, easy to use, and integrates seamlessly with existing manifesting or shipping systems to calculate valuable dimensional-weight.

For more information, please visit www.cubiscan.com or call 800-488-CUBE (2823).

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