2012 Salary Survey - An MHL Exclusive

MH&L Exclusive 2012 Salary Survey

The typical material handling and logistics manager is a white male, between 50-59 years old, has worked in the material handling and logistics industry for more than 25 years, lives and works in the Midwest, has a bachelor's degree, works for a transportation/warehousing company, received no bonus in 2011, and earns $81,777. This "typical manager" saw no change in his salary over the previous year, and does not anticipate getting a raise in 2012. This person is in corporate/executive management, has been in that role for more than five years and does not anticipate seeking another job in 2012.

But as this special report will make clear, there's nothing "typical" about the people who devote their careers to material handling and logistics.

Although the MH&L 2012 Salary Survey offers plenty of statistics, data can only paint a partial portrait. This exclusive report goes further, revealing the exact words of material handling and logistics managers as they reflect on their challenges, frustrations and accomplishments.

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What Your Work Is Worth

MH&L's exclusive 2012 Salary Survey reveals that the average salary for material handling and logistics managers barely budged from a year ago.

MH&L's 2012 Salary Survey Comments

Doing more with less is a standard refrain for material handling and logistics managers, who still feel constrained by a weakened economy.

Are You So Good at Your Job that Your Boss Will Be Upset If You Leave?

The market for supply chain jobs is expanding, but companies are looking for a wide range of very specific skills.

Technology Does Not Correct Stupid

The clear message from MH&L's salary survey is no amount of compensation or sophistication can make up for a team without talent.

Grow Business by Developing Talent

Managers are talking growth for 2012 and beyond. The question is do they have the talent to make it happen?

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