24-Volt Reach-Fork Truck

"The ACR System became so popular when it was introduced with our 36-Volt Reach-Fork truck that customers asked for those same benefits in a 24-volt truck application," says John Colborn, reach truck marketing director for The Raymond Corporation. "The 24-Volt Reach-Fork truck delivers more uptime, lower cost of operation, faster travel speeds, quicker acceleration and smoother direction changes. It all adds up to higher truck utilization at lower cost, which is particularly appealing for the warehouses of today."
The 24-volt truck has a 14-inch battery compartment, and uses an AC drive motor to deliver more runtime per battery charge, and maintain full performance longer. It uses fewer amps per cycle, so users will save on batteries, chargers and downtime. By eliminating the requirement for drive motor brushes, AC technology also reduces service requirements and parts costs.

The truck's ergonomic features include a Universal Stance design to improve operator performance and productivity; logical, intuitive controls laid out in a comfortable configuration; a roomy compartment to accommodate multiple working positions; contoured padding for weight relief and comfort; a low step height to avoid unnecessary climbing; and a spring suspension and patented inertial dampener to reduce shocks and sways in the operator's compartment.

The 24-Volt Reach-Fork truck is available in lift heights up to 270 inches, with capacities of 2,500 lbs., 3,000 lbs, 3,500 lbs., and 4,000 lbs. The truck is available in both reach and Deep-Reach® configurations. A Dockstance version is available for side stance operation.

The Raymond Corporation is the leading North American provider of materials handling solutions that improve space utilization and productivity, with lower cost of operation and greater operator acceptance. High-performance, reliable, ergonomically designed Raymond® products range from a full line of manual and electric pallet trucks and walkie stackers to counterbalanced trucks, Reach-Fork trucks, orderpickers and dual-purpose (pallet handling/case picking) Swing-Reach® trucks.

For more information about The Raymond Corporation, or to locate a Raymond dealer, visit the company Web site at http://www.Raymondcorp.com or call 1 (800) 235-7200. ACR System™ Raymond®, Reach-Fork®, Deep-Reach® and Swing-Reach® are trademarks of The Raymond Corporation.
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