24/7 Fleet Visibility

24/7 Fleet Visibility

The Networkfleet 5000 Series of fleet tracking hardware is compatible with light, medium and heavy duty vehicles and offers 24/7 visibility into fleet assets. It enables fleet managers to locate vehicles in real time and monitor specific vehicle data such as mileage, speed, fuel consumption, and diagnostic trouble codes to improve operations and reduce costs.

The 5000 product line features two hardware devices. The 5200 is an affordable GPS tracking device, while the 5500 adds the capability of connecting directly to the vehicle’s diagnostic port to continually monitor engine status. Both include a faster processor, built-in accelerometer and multi-port options.

Remote diagnostics capabilities enable monitoring of trouble codes, ignition status, speed, odometer, fuel efficiency and more. Plug & play design provides for easy, quick installation without splicing wires.

The serial port allows for integration with compatible Garmin devices using a Garmin FMI cable and also integrates with laptops and other devices by providing a constant NMEA data feed.

Networkfleet, Inc.

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