296TS Continuum

Portland, CT—Standard-Knapp, a worldwide leader in manufacturing the ultimate packaging machinery, introduces the 296TS Continuum™ Tray/Shrink System. Featuring upgrades to the system’s user interface, wrapping wand and film feed module, the 296TS Continuum™ Tray/Shrink System is a user-friendly, easy-to-maintain and reliable solution for challenging 24/7 applications in the food and beverage industries.

The 296TS Continuum™ Tray/Shrink System features an intuitive graphic operator interface. The system’s advanced diagnostic program automatically directs the operator to a fault screen in the event of a problem and also provides automatic scheduled maintenance alerts. The heavy-duty stainless steel-framed system also features easy “walk-by” maintenance, made possible by transparent guarding that allows the system’s parts to remain clearly visible.

The shrink wrapping section of the 296TS Continuum™ Tray/Shrink System features an on-demand film wrapping wand, a smart innovation controlled by a servo motor and sensor. Eliminating the continuous cycle operation of previous wands, the on-demand wand runs only when needed, eliminating wasteful wear and tear.

Addressing the challenge of time-consuming film rethreads, Standard-Knapp’s film feed redesign includes a simple, single-pass, error-free film thread system. The film bed has also been outfitted with an easy-access clamshell design that can easily be opened and removed for a periodic maintenance. This easy-to-use redesign maximizes uptime and serviceability.

Operating at speeds up to 80 trays per minute, the 296TS Continuum™ Tray/Shrink System provides a smooth transition during the product/tray merge. The system offers servo-driven Zero-Gap infeed technology for balanced, jam-resistant packing lanes. Zero-Gap incorporates precise geometry and sensors to ensure a continuous container supply to the downstream lanes and grouping section. Customers can choose between a free-standing or complete tray/shrink system, as well as an integrated tray stacker option.

Handling the largest diameter range in the industry, the robust 296TS Continuum™ Tray/Shrink System is ideal for both loose containers and multipacks in a variety of materials, including glass, PET, HDPE, metal and fiber cans, HiCone, shrink bundles, and paperboard overwrap. These products can be packed into both corrugated and chipboard trays for added flexibility.

For more information on Standard-Knapp’s products, visit www.standard-knapp.com, call 860-342-1100 or email [email protected].

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