3-Way Catalytic Converter and Fuel Commander kit

Aisle-Master, the manufacturer of the unique narrow aisle articulated forklift, introduces the new 3-Way Catalytic Converter and Fuel Commander kit. When installed on their LPG gas powered forklift, it dramatically reduces gas emissions. The combined benefits of this equipment drops these emissions by more than 95%.

The unique design of the Aisle-Master forklift means it can operate within aisles as tight as 7’ wide to enable facilities to get the most out their floor space.

The system is interactive with forklift operation. Exhaust oxygen quality is measured by a “Lambda sensor” which detects if the combustion is optimum or not. The Commander will provide more fuel when greater power is required or reduces flow when the GM engine is idling. There is no need for adjustment as the Commander calculates exactly what fuel quantity is required. The “closed loop” air fuel ratio control also helps to minimize maintenance requirements, due to the air-fuel ratio being electronically controlled by the Commander Kit which receives signals from the engine management sensors within the truck.

Conventional older systems are manually controlled with no automatic adjustment or connections. The Aisle-Master system however ensures optimal fuel economy while protecting the environment and truck operators by minimizing emissions.
This feature enables companies working 2 or 3 shift operations to safely use the Aisle-master around the clock, indoors. According to Aisle-Master Director of Sales Joe O’Brien, “other forklift manufactures rarely fit this kind of emissions system on their vehicles. If these forklifts run for long periods indoors they risk exceeding legal limits for air quality and the health of their employees."

Aisle-Master is the designer and manufacturer of their innovative narrow aisle articulated forklift that gives manufacturers, processors and DC’s world-wide more efficiency, more useful space out of their facilities by reducing aisle width and more versatility by allowing outdoor operation.

Please send inquiries to:
Director of Sales - Joe O’Brien
Toll Free: 1-877-280-4910
Web: www.aisle-master.com
Email: [email protected]

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