3800 Series

Wilmington, N.C. — Interroll Corp has developed a powered roller designed for use in conveyor systems that transport containers and boxes with individual weights of up to 300lbs. Designated the 3800 Series, the roller operates with the drive components located away from the conveyor area, reducing the risk of contamination that may have adverse effects on the drive performance.

“A growing trend in intralogistic systems is the positioning of drive components away from the actual conveyor zone to prevent leakages and other forms of contamination from the conveyed items,” said Kim Hagan Conveyor Component Product Manager. “The 3800 Series powered roller addresses the market’s increasing demand for this technology.”

The 3800 Series is based on Interroll’s proven standard 1700 Series. The 3800 Series’ steel tube has a diameter of 1.9” and features standard O-rings and standard multi-rib belts. Sealed precision bearings can easily handle speeds up to 360 feet per minute.

For more information about Interroll’s 3800 Series powered roller, call 1-800-830-9680, fax 800-830-9679 or visit www.interroll.us.

For more information please contact,
Kim HaganConveyor
Component Product Manager
[email protected]

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