3PL Service App

3PL Service App

3PL service provider Damco has released an app for all major mobile platforms to provide a fast and simple way to get an overview of the status of the logistic services the company is delivering.

Users will be able to track shipments quickly using a device that is available at all times. This is important in industries where secure and constant delivery of goods is essential.

Initially Damco’s apps will offer tracking of ocean freight shipments, and the plan is to expand the functionality with airfreight tracking and provide mobile access to a number of the key customer facing applications that are currently accessed by customers using myDamco, a portal on www.damco.com where customers can fulfill all of their booking, reporting, tracking and document handling requirements.

Damco customers can design their own cockpit or dashboard with the online information they need to do their job efficiently. This is done with a simple drag and drop functionality similar to iGoogle and other web content providers.


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