40 x 48 Plastic Pallet

Newest ORBIS pallet is exempt from ISPM 15

ORBIS Corporation, a subsidiary of Menasha Corporation, recently launched a new 40.0” x 48.0”
x 5.0” plastic pallet designed specifically for international trade. This pallet is exempt from ISPM 15 regulations and fully eliminates the need for heat-treated wood pallets currently required for international shipments. The 40 x 48 CICP pallet provides an environmental, lightweight alternative to wood export pallets. The all-plastic, one-piece nestable design does not harbor pests, mold or fungus. This nestable, open deck pallet weighs 13 pounds and offers the necessary strength-to-weight ratio for a one-way shipping pallet. Its efficient nest-ratio of 3.3:1 allows 1,980 pallets to in a standard 53’ trailer.

To learn more, contact ORBIS at 888-307-2185 or visit www.orbiscorporation.com.

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