800 LGV

C&D Skilled Robotics, Inc., located in Beaumont, Texas, is now offering its own line of laser guided vehicles and automated truck loading vehicles. This end of line automation is proving to be the next big thing in automation, providing a safer working environment as well as increased profits for companies implementing this technology.

C&D’s laser guided vehicles have been offered by its parent company, EUROIMPIANTI SpA, located in Schio, Italy, since 1998 and will now be offered in the states by C&D Skilled Robotics, Inc. This addition allows C&D Skilled Robotics to better serve its customers, offering a single source solutions provider for all end of line automation applications.

The Skilled 800 LGV offers transportation of different products and pallets coming from different production lines, to and from storage as well as to and from truck loading areas eliminating the need for conveyor. This system uses laser positioning, similar to an electronic eye, which by means of reflectors positioned on surrounding walls uses triangulation to determine the vehicles exact position. This laser positioning system requires no prep work to the customer’s floor (magnetic tape, colored tape or lines, etc…), and is easily expandable for future growth.

For more information please visit www.cdrobot.com and www.skilledrobots.com or call (409) 840-5252.

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