8900 Pallet Truck

GREENE, N.Y. — The Raymond Corporation’s new Model 8900 pallet truck is ideal for dock operations, loading and unloading trailers, and transporting pallets horizontally. The Model 8900 pallet truck features Raymond’s exclusive ACR System™ to facilitate productivity and comfort.

The Model 8900 uses Raymond’s ACR System for quicker acceleration, smooth operation and greater energy efficiency. AC motors deliver more run time per battery charge and experience less reduction in truck performance as the battery discharges, even with a fully loaded pallet. AC technology also minimizes downtime and reduces cost of ownership because it has fewer wearable parts and requires less maintenance than DC systems.

“The Model 8900 pallet truck is designed to enhance operator performance and reduce maintenance,” says Sue Rice, product manager, Class III products, for The Raymond Corporation.

“It optimizes productivity while providing a lower cost of operation to our customers.”

The pallet truck is available in 6,000-lb. and 8,000-lb. capacities. The truck’s fork carriage design features new, exclusive long-wearing components for reduced downtime and maintenance costs.

The Model 8900 also is available with an optional operator compartment sensor system. This system uses multiple light beam sensors embedded in rear operator compartment housings. The sensors span the entry to the compartment. When the sensors are blocked or the beams are not seen or emitted, a tone sounds, a message scrolls on the operator display, and the truck will decelerate to a stop if traveling. If the truck is stationary, it will not allow travel until the object blocking the sensors is removed or the beam is seen or emitted.

For more information about the Raymond® Model 8900 or to locate a Raymond dealer, visit www.raymondcorp.com or call (800) 235-7200.

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