9000 Series

GREENE, N.Y. — For narrow aisle applications, the 9000 Series Swing-Reach® lift trucks from The Raymond Corporation now offer energy-saving features, such as AC technology for longer battery run times, regenerative lowering that automatically recharges the battery and LED compartment lights.

Raymond’s exclusive ACR System™, which combines AC drive motor and AC lift motor, provides quicker acceleration, smoother direction changes and quiet, precise traction and lift. The ACR System also delivers more run time per battery charge and experiences less reduction in truck performance as the battery discharges for greater reliability.

“Regenerative lowering recharges the battery when the forks are lowered, which allows for longer battery life,” says Susan Comfort, Class II product manager for The Raymond Corporation. “When lowering the forks with a load, the motor generates energy that is fed back into the battery, maximizing battery efficiency and providing a more consistent lifting and lowering speed.”

The 9000 Series lift trucks can be used for both pallet handling and case picking for flexibility in changing warehouse environments and narrow aisles. The new Swing-Reach trucks can elevate up to 45 feet (12.8 m), can handle loads up to 60 inches (152.4 cm) deep or 108 inches (274.32 cm) wide, and can operate in aisles as narrow as 66 inches (167.64 cm).

The twin tubular mast design of the 9000 Series lift trucks provides optimum rigidity when traveling with the forks loaded and elevated. Dual I-beam construction and a wide footprint keep the operator’s platform rock solid, even at the highest applications, for greater operator stability and enhanced visibility. Various driving positions enable lift truck operators to choose the best position for the application, such as sitting or standing, to enhance productivity and reduce fatigue. The contoured operator chair features adjustable padded armrests and lumbar support for superior operator comfort.

A heads-up display mounted on the protective rear window reports steer tire direction, load handler orientation and other key operational data. An electroluminescent display panel on the arm features a larger screen with real-time data, such as vehicle speed, load height and weight, fork position, and battery state-of-charge.

For more information about the 9000 Series Swing-Reach lift trucks or to locate a Raymond Service Center, visit www.raymondcorp.com or call (800) 235-7200.

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