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AC Electric Vehicles

Wesley International, America’s premier manufacturer of special-design pallet trucks and electric utility vehicles, will present their new AC electric vehicle at NA2008 (Booth #1013), the material handling tradeshow to be held in Cleveland, Ohio April 21–24. Customers will now have a choice of AC or DC power on all of Wesley’s electric utility vehicles.

Built for industrial use, Wesley’s AC vehicles offer greater speed and torque control, lower maintenance costs and a longer operating life. Direct current vehicles lose torque as speed increases, but alternating current vehicles maintain their power across the whole speed range, even on an incline. The high-efficiency motors are virtually maintenance-free because there are no brushes to replace and no carbon dust. Plus operating times are longer between battery charges.

“Our customers asked for alternative technology. We listened and developed a solution that delivers Wesley’s premier quality and reliability with the added benefit of greater performance. Our customers will see increased efficiency, greater productivity and an even greater return on their investment because they will simply get things done faster, have little down time and minimal maintenance costs,” says Frank Dumbleton, Wesley’s VP of Operations.

Wesley International has designed and built special design electric utility vehicles and pallet trucks since 1963. Each product is engineered-to-order in their factory in Scottdale, Georgia (USA). Wesley’s specialty is creating industrial-strength solutions for non-standard applications. They are the makers of Pack Mule® and Power Mule™ electric utility vehicles and Pallet Mule® pallet trucks. The AC power option allows them to further optimize their electric utility vehicles to meet their customers’ specific needs.

See the new AC vehicle at NA2008 in Booth #1013 or contact Wesley International at 800-241-7441 for more information.

CONTACT: Cheryl H. Edwards
Wesley International
Phone: 404-292-7441
Fax Number: 404-292-8469
Email Address: [email protected]

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