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AC Powered Lift Trucks

Sit-down, counterbalanced electric, cushion tire E70-120Z series of lift trucks from Hyster have a capacity of 7,000 @ 12,000 pounds. This series features HysterÆ AC technology. Providing superior torque, speed capabilities, reliability and thermal performance throughout the entire useable discharge cycle.

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(Greenville, N.C. – Americas Division Headquarters) — Hyster Company introduces the sit-down, counterbalanced electric, cushion tire E70-120Z series of lift trucks. With a capacity of 7,000 – 12,000 pounds, this series features Hyster® AC technology. Providing superior torque, speed capabilities, reliability and thermal performance throughout the entire useable discharge cycle, the efficient AC power E70-120Z series increases productivity. The intelligent brushless design of the Hyster AC traction motor eliminates the need for service and periodic maintenance on brushes, brush springs and motor commutators. This translates to higher reliability, increased uptime, longer life and lower cost.
Delivering on performance, productivity and serviceability, the E70-120Z series is ideal for warehouse, retail or industrial applications. The brushless AC traction motor, steer motor and hoist motor offer greater durability, with reduced maintenance costs. This technology also allows for quicker and smoother directional changes, increasing the number of loads moved per shift.

Onboard truck setting adjustments can be used to meet customer requirements to take advantage of enhanced levels of performance. The standard “Extended Shift” Hyster AC controller setting provides the optimum balance between performance needs and battery shift life. When the “Extended Shift” setting is turned off, a significant increase in loaded travel speeds and acceleration rates is possible.

The E70-120Z series features the unique Hyster® ergonomic design. Soft-touch levers are placed within the operator’s natural reach, minimizing fatigue and maximizing productivity, and both the standard non-suspension seat and the optional suspension and swivel seats are easily adjusted to provide a more comfortable ride. The Hyster-exclusive MONOTROL® pedal controls direction and speed with one pedal, freeing the operator’s hands for steering and operating hydraulic controls. The VISTA® mast offers fast lift and lower speeds and enhanced visibility.

Powered by a standard 36-volt or optional 48-volt electrical system, the lift trucks are easily adaptable to rapid charge. The battery position has also been designed with the operator in mind, allowing for easy maneuvering upon truck entry and exit. The standard in-dash display provides at-a-glance performance information with 6 indicator lights, a 20-bar segment LCD battery state of charge and alphanumeric display readout.

Hyster Company is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of lift trucks. The Hyster® product line includes more than 130 models designed for a wide variety of applications, from pallet moving to container handling. With North American headquarters in Greenville, N.C., Hyster Company is world-renowned for its quality and leading edge approach to technology and ergonomics. As a leader in the materials handling industry, Hyster Company has been ISO 9001:2000 certified for their documented quality manufacturing processes. The Hyster Dealer Network provides customer support before, during and after the sale in the form of fleet management, financing, parts, service and training. For more information, phone 1-800-HYSTER-1, fax 252-931-7877 or visit

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