Accu-Sort Matches Bar Code Data with RFID Data

Accu-Sort Systems (ASI) announced the first successful matching of RFID and bar code data in a sortation system.

ASI has been piloting its high-speed sortation solutions with leading retailers. In October, ASI was successful in implementing a tracking solution that successfully matches bar code and RFID data. This allows a material handling system to increase its read performance by using both data points. The result is higher throughput through higher read rates.

Existing bar code applications use a legacy system to transmit data to host systems. ASI RFID allows manufacturers to leverage that existing infrastructure to increase performance and manage costs.

"Associating bar code with RFID data is extremely important to companies that place high value on speed and throughput," said Troy Herman, ASI RFID solutions specialist. "Bar code data can help with RFID singulation, while RFID's non-line-of-site technology can increase system read rates."

Considering the number of bar code systems in place, ASI's leveraged approach makes economic sense, Herman said. By using RFID in conjunction with legacy bar code systems, manufacturers can achieve greater performance without the addition of costly infrastructure.

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