Customizable light field, range of light tones deliver exceptional visual capability

Conveyor Technologies' new AccuVision Internal Backlit Conveyor lights the way to more efficient and accurate visual inspection procedures for a wide range of industries.

AccuVision's internal lighting system projects a strong, uniform light field through the translucent belt on the low profile conveyor, illuminating part profile and appearance for superior automatic or manual vision inspection capabilities.

AccuVision's internal light source is rated for 16,000 hours and available in three light tones of 3000K (warm white), 4100K (cool white), and 6400K (daylight). The color rendering index (CRI) is 82+. Compatibility with high-speed digital cameras is facilitated by use of electronic high frequency ballasts. The light source is equipped with isolation mounts to dampen vibration, and bulbs are easily replaced after belt removal by lifting out the Lexan panel. AccuVision's light field is available in five lengths (7-32") and the light field width can be customized to specific dimensions by utilizing multiple banks of lights. Belt widths range from 2.5-24", with the thickness of the conveyor remaining at 2.28".

"AccuVision's strong uniform light field and controlled movement can assist in achieving defect-free products by facilitating more accurate and greater rates of visual inspections with sensors, cameras, and even the human eye," said Charles Mitchell, president of Conveyor Technologies, Ltd.

For maximum application flexibility, AccuVision conveyor drives are available in fixed speed, variable speed, and indexing drives with controllable accel/decel and index, or secondary speed selection.

A single piece steel frame incorporates aluminum extruded sides with dual tee-slots for attaching auxiliary devices. AccuVision retains all of the exclusive features of Conveyor Technologies' standard line, including a two-minute belt change, when mounted on the company's unique open-stand design. Sealed-for-life bearings eliminate the potential for product and belt contamination.

The AccuVision Internal Backlit Conveyor is part of a patented, modular product line that is the foundation for 15 different low-profile conveyor types. The modular system, with a two-year warranty, allows extensive interchangeability of components, and is available in U.S. or metric versions.

For additional information, contact Conveyor Technologies Ltd. Tel: 513-248-0663; Email: [email protected] Fax: 513-248-0685; Internet:

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