Add safety control to machines

Add safety control to machines

Omron Scientific’s G9SP Programmable Safety Controllers satisfy the complex safety control needs of small and mid-sized machines used in packaging, food and beverage, automotive component, injection molding, and printing applications.

They are easily reconfigured to solve evolving machine set-up needs. Three base models offer a range of I/O options. Four types of expansion I/O units are available for hard-wired diagnosis or standard signals. Users can quickly and easily reconfigure the unit when new safety features are added to their set-up.

These safety controllers deliver clear diagnostics and monitoring via Ethernet or serial connection, and support direct connection with non-contact switches and safety mats. They are DIN track-mountable or can be mounted with M4 screws, require a 24 VDC power supply, and can operate in temperatures ranging from 0 to 55°C.

Omron Scientific Technologies Inc.

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