Adept Founders Launch Automation Business

Brian Carlisle and Bruce Shimano have started a new automation company, Precise Automation, after leaving Adept Technology in December 2003. Carlisle was CEO of Adept and Shimano was vice president of research and development.

Precise Automation is developing the next generation of compact, low-cost, high performance vision-guided robotic motion controllers with integrated motor drives for robots and other multi-axis precision machines in the electronics, semiconductor and life sciences industries. These controllers can run stand-alone, be networked in a group, or be PC controlled. In addition, Precise is developing a series of new mechanisms for material handling and assembly in the life sciences and electronics industries. These mechanisms will range from light-payload, low-cost devices to medium-payload, high-performance devices.

Previously, Carlisle and Shimano were instrumental in developing the PUMA robot, which was the world’s first precision assembly robot. In 1983, they founded Adept Technology, an assembly robot company that grew to become a leader in the U.S. and Europe with sales of $100 million by the late 1990s.

Precise expects to begin delivering products early next year. OEMs and other customers who would like to participate in the development cycle of this next generation of assembly robots and controls should visit

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