New series of mobile trucks, designated Adjust-A-Tray, designed to function as versatile material handling systems built around the combination of a mobile platform, A-frame superstructure, and removable hook-on trays has been announced by the Hodge Division of The Durham Manufacturing Company, Durham, CT 06422.

The company sees wide application for the units in receiving, inspection, processing, assembly, maintenance and storage applications.

Models are being offered in double and single sided configurations and differ only in the number of trays that can be accommodated. A single side model can handle 6 to 12 trays, depending on tray size, with a capacity for 1500 lbs. A double sided model can handle 12 to 24 trays, depending on tray size, with a capacity 2500 lbs. Trays are available in 2 sizes; 36 inches wide by 15 inches deep by 6 inches high and 36 inches wide by 9 inches deep by 3 inches high. There is an option of closed or open fronts. All trays have wire carrying handles. Optional dividers are offered to separate trays into smaller sections.

One half inch diameter rod spindles are also optionally available from which to hang parts or use as dividers to separate long parts.

Frames are 64 inches high, heavy duty, all welded 1 1/2 inch angle iron with 11 gauge steel slotted uprights. Finish is gray powder coat. Six inch by 2 inch phenolic bolt-on casters are provided, 2 swivel, 2 rigid. Shipment is in fully assembled condition ready for use.

For details; write, phone, fax or email: Adjust-A-Tray
The Durham Manufacturing Company
201 Main Street, P.O. Box 230
Durham, CT 06422
Toll Free Phone: 800-243-3774
Toll Free Fax: 800-782-5499
Email: [email protected]

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