Adjustable Racking

Allentown, PA – Stanley Vidmar will be demonstrated its Adjustable Racking System at the ProMat Show in Chicago, January 8-11. Adjustable Racking is aimed at customers who would like the benefits of the STAK System® adjustable storage system, but who don’t need or want an integrated lifting device to place and remove pallets.

The Adjustable Racking System is a rack-and-pallet system designed to help companies store more items in less space than standard shelving. But where the STAK System® includes an integrated lifting device, Adjustable Racking lets customers place and remove pallets with a standard forklift. Many customers can save money this way by using the forklift equipment they already own.

The Adjustable Racking System consists of fixed steel uprights and removable steel pallets. The uprights are roll-formed steel columns with integral steel hooks placed every 7 ¾ inches. The pallets fit into the spaces between the uprights and are supported by the hooks.

Because the vertical spacing of the hooks lets users adjust the height between pallets in 7 ¾ inch increments, users easily accommodate different sized items, and can make use of all available vertical space. According to Vidmar® Sales Engineers, the ability to increase storage density can be a huge benefit when a company’s storage needs grow, and can even save a company from having to buy more shelving or expand its floor space.

Like most Vidmar solutions, the Adjustable Racking System is custom-designed for each customer. For instance, the typical system rises about 13 ft. from the floor but can be made higher or lower. There are also a variety of pallet types, including flat pallets, tub kits (with or without internal dividers), wire baskets, CNC tool storage pallets, and a tire pallet. For customers with special requirements, a Vidmar® engineering team can even design a custom pallet.

About Stanley Vidmar
Stanley Vidmar offers storage solutions to all industries, with modular, space-saving systems that provide quick, safe access to parts, tools and supplies. A Stanley® Vidmar® system can maximize valuable floor space while providing an integrated solution for inventory control. Customers can arrange for a free analysis of their storage needs by calling 1-800-523-9462. Detailed information about Stanley Vidmar products is available online at

Customer Contact:
Stanley Vidmar
11 Grammes Road
Allentown, PA 18103
[email protected]

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