Advanced Molding System First In North America

Plastics design and manufacturing company Meese Orbitron Dunne Co., (Ashtabula, Ohio) has contracted to purchase the futuristic Leonardo automated rotational molding system from Persico SpA, Nembro, Italy. MOD is the first company in North America to purchase this system, scheduled to be installed in the company's Madison, Ind. facility. It will be in production by January, 2008. Terms were not disclosed.

MOD is investing in the state-of-the-art equipment, named after the extraordinary DaVinci, to accommodate its immediate need for efficient production capacity and its longer term needs based on anticipated growth, as well as trends affecting the industry, according to MOD President Robert Dunne. "We took a broad look at our competitive environment today and in the near future and recognized that we're competing with a variety of other processes and other materials, here in America and all over the world," says Dunne. "If we're going to continue to be valuable partners for our customers then we have to be able to design and manufacture nearly anything better and faster yet still offer competitive pricing. Leonardo is a key part of this strategy."

The fully automated, robotic Leonardo operates faster than traditional rotational molding machines, strengthens product quality and reduces material waste while saving energy. Once Leonardo is on-line, MOD plans to expand its range of material offerings and target markets where rotational molding has had little exposure. The company manufactures a wide range of reusable bulk shipping containers, carts and utility trucks.

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