Advanced Quality Logistics Implements Motek's Priya WMS

Advanced Quality Logistics (AQL), a retail 3PL company, reportedly implemented the Windows-based Priya warehouse management Ssystem (WMS) from Motek (Beverly Hills, Calif.) in a record 30 days, enabling the company to court and win business while processing high volume orders with 99.9% accuracy.

Priya now directs every step of AQL's customer inventory management, from the time it arrives in bulk containers to the minute it ships to retail outlets. Using wave picking and handheld RF devices, workers can select and consolidate inventory for multiple orders simultaneously. Inventory is sorted by individual retail order and value-added services. Priya directs workers to add store labels, UPC stickers or security tags at centralized pack stations. Upon completion, inventory is scanned and Priya generates shipping labels and packing lists to ensure order accuracy. Priya manages inventory, calculates fees for specialized services, and automatically generates invoices which are exported to QuickBooks and sent to AQL customers.

Source: Motek.

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