Advanced Slotting Works for FedEx Office

CLEVELAND—Using OptiSlot warehouse slotting software, Keogh Consulting has completed a facility reconfiguration for FedEx Office (rebranded from FedEx Kinko).

Keogh had achieved certification from Optricity that developed OptiSlot, an independent slotting solution.

Using the slotting tool, Keogh was able to develop an ideal rack configuration. It was able to determine the optimum placement of retail items in the appropriate fixture type, with items grouped by product family.

In addition, items were slotted by golden zone (most frequent pick in the most ergonomic pick slots) within each product family. The expected replenishment and picking productivity increase for these improvements is 10% to 15%.

Optricity Corp. is a niche software developer that solves complex supply chain optimization problems. Keogh Consulting is a professional supply chain logistics consulting firm offering facility planning, design and management consulting services for companies involved in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution.

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