Advanced WMS RFP Is Released To Save Significant Time

Industrial Data & Information, Inc. announces the release of version 8.0 of the Advanced Version of their Warehouse Management System (WMS) RFI product. It is designed to rapidly speed up the WMS software selection process significantly.

New Version 8 has 1,100 detailed questions! New questions cover configuarability of Task Workflows for inbound receipts and outbound shipments. The ability to "configure" a set of tasks by part number, part condition, and order type is important. In addition, freight rate shopping questions have been extended for many scenarios (parcel, LTL, TL, TL with requirements). Application security questions have been added. Version 8 covers all areas of WMS functionality and includes full question text with a time saving scorecard.

SCORECARD assists in saving days of time by assisting you in building a vendor evaluation ScoreCard fast! Scorecard permits side-by-side comparisons and weighted scoring by question. Two summaries are also provided to show weighted summary totals.

Industrial Data & Information, Inc. is an independent research consulting company that assists companies in selecting and implementing software solutions. For more information on IDII, visit the web site at

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