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Nearly frictionless, horizontal omnidirectional movement provided by an AeroGo Aero-Pallet is an easier way to move and position heavy loads (1 to 14 tons). An AeroGo Aero-Pallet effectively replaces or assists forklifts, cranes, and conveyors at a fraction of the cost. Aero-Pallets are perfect for moving heavy bulky loads, in manufacturing and assembly applications, transporting in cleanroom environments, and moving finished products to shipping, storage and testing areas.

Ideal for Lean Manufacturing. Moving assembly lines increase productivity. Aero-Pallets are capable of easily floating production line assemblies or components. Need to reconfigure your production travel? Since Aero-Pallets don’t require any permanent in floor fixtures, travel paths are changed as frequently as needed. Perhaps you need to remove a unit from the production line for repairs or to wait for a part? Simply float it to the side without slowing down production.

How? Aero-Pallets utilize four or more Aero-Casters (air bearing/air casters) beneath its deck. Once standard compressed shop air is connected to the unit loads are glided on a 0.005-inch cushion of air, eliminating operator strain and damage to the load or floor while providing multidirectional horizontal maneuverability. The multi-directional movement of the load while floating on a micro layer of air allows the operator to use minimal force, even in tight spaces.

AeroGo Aero-Pallet Advantages:
· Easily move and rotate heavy loads – components or products as they are assembled
· No floor damage – Floating the load on a cushion of air provides a wider load weight distribution as well as eliminating any floor friction damage thereby protecting expensive floor finishes (epoxy, urethane, etc)
· Low friction and omnidirectional movement facilitates control in tight spaces
· Quiet operation, no emissions and vibration less movement for calibrated equipment and explosive loads.
· There are no moving parts that require costly and time consuming maintenance

New customizations available to match our customer’s needs:
· Operator Handles
· Handle throttle controls
· No load– to facilitate load movement when Aero-Casters are deflated
· Guide wheels – for more load control
· Risers, shims and chocks can be added to better mate the Aero-Pallet deck to the load’s footprint
· Lift tables – add vertical lift to your horizontal moves
· Slide-Mounted Aero-Casters

AeroGo, Inc
1170 Andover Park West
Seattle, WA 98188-3909
Toll Free: (800) 426-4757
Fax: 1+ (206) 575-3505
Email: [email protected]

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