AIM Global Launches Aggressive RFID Outreach Campaign

WARRENDALE, Pa.—AIM Global is launching an “aggressive” RFID outreach effort in the U.S. to educate the general public and policymakers about radio frequency identification (RFID) technologies.

Themed “RFID: Making the World a Better Place,” the initiative focuses on the convenience, safety and security that RFID technologies can provide to consumers. Marketing and communications firm Abelson Group Inc. (New York) will oversee details of the program’s implementation, while members of AIM Global’s education and public policy committee—including Alien Technology, Impinj, Motorola, Savi, Sirit, and UPM Raflatac—will participate.

The international industry association plans to provide relevant examples of consumer-oriented RFID applications, dispel myths and correct misperceptions about the use of RFID. Some examples of how RFID is improving quality of life for consumers, according to the new AIM Global campaign, include automated payment of toll-road fees and public transit fares; authentication of prescription medications, food safety and homeland security enhancements; and quick check-out of library materials; among others.

“AIM Global has an important role as an industry educator and advocate, and serves as a strong, positive, and proactive voice on specific challenges confronting its diverse international membership,” says Dan Mullen, president of AIM Global. “From its inception, AIM Global has been committed to worldwide leadership within the RFID industry by providing factual online and offline materials and by delivering unbiased knowledge and understanding for all things RFID. This awareness initiative is simply a logical extension of that role and commitment. Consequently, AIM Global will utilize its extensive communications platform to bring more affirmative recognition and attention to the positive benefits of consumer-focused RFID applications in today’s world.”

“As with any technology, there can be a certain degree of fear, uncertainty, and speculation without a full understanding of the truth about it, or its applications,” adds Raghu Das, chief executive officer and managing director of IDTechEx, a global research firm. “It is important to highlight the ways in which RFID is being safely, securely and effectively used to better our lives.”

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