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AIM Global Voices Support for ISO

AIM Global (Warrendale, Pa.), the trade association for automatic identification, published the a statement saying that the organization supports cooperation between ISO and industry consortia (e.g., EPCglobal, AIAG, and IATA) to eliminate redundant or conflicting efforts.

"Because ISO standards permit the international community of nations to participate in the standards development process, AIM Global supports the development of international standards using the ISO process,” the statement reads.

"AIM Global further supports the development of market/industry-specific standards based on ISO technical, data structure, and conformance standards or where the market/ industry standards development serve as an incubation chamber for improvements in existing ISO standards.

"Standards provide a common definition for devices, processes, and applications. Such a common definition provides a means for interoperability among various independent participants in industry. AIM Global promotes and encourages its members to actively participate in such efforts to standardize technology with a view of encouraging market growth."

Source: AIM Global.

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