Air Cargo & Conveyor Casters

(Nashville, Tennessee) Hickory Hardware(TM) (, America's leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of decorative, functional and industrial hardware, introduces the Faultless Air Cargo and Conveyor Caster Series. Designed to provide reliable mobility solutions for ground support equipment, sortation systems, and loading equipment, the heavy-duty, quality-built casters in the Faultless Air Cargo and Conveyor Series are ideal for applications in the airline and aerospace industry, cargo handling, conveyors, and freight handling.

Hickory Hardware's Faultless Air Cargo and Conveyor Series casters are water- and chemical- resistant and able to withstand steam cleaning. With wheels made from polypropylene, Air Cargo and Conveyor Casters provide high load capacity and mobility, but are light in weight, low in cost, and high in impact strength. Easy to install and replace in the field, the series comes in Precision Heavy-Duty, Flanged, and Standard-Line models to fit most applications.

The Precision, Heavy-Duty Air Cargo/Conveyor Caster has a suggested temperature range of -20 degrees F to +180 degrees F and a load capacity of 375 lbs. Featuring precision-bearing swivel and needle-bearing wheels, the Precision, Heavy-Duty Caster has fully sealed raceways for low maintenance and protection of the swivel head in outdoor environments. It is available in diamond and rectangle top-plate arrangements in a corrosion-resistant zinc dichromate finish with a special dust-and-grease cap and all-temperature lubricant.

Faultless Flanged Air Cargo/Conveyor Casters have all the features of Precision, Heavy-Duty Casters, but add the benefit of a toe-protection flange safety feature. Like the Precision, Heavy-Duty model, the Flanged Caster is available with diamond and rectangular top plates.

The Standard-Line Conveyor Caster shares most features with the Precision and Flanged Casters, but features a double ball-bearing raceway as opposed to the sealed precision-bearing swivel. The Standard-Line Caster has a load capacity of 270-300 lbs.

For sales information, contact Hickory Hardware toll-free at (877) 556-2198 or e-mail [email protected]. For more information, visit

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