Air Products Surpasses 50,000th Hydrogen Fueling

LEHIGH VALLEY, Pa.-By way of cars, trucks, vans, buses,scooters, forklifts and even submarines, Air Products, a provider of hydrogen fueling infrastructure and technology, surpassed a milestone when it completed its 50,000th hydrogen fill. Fueling hydrogen powered transportation vehicles and other varied applications in 14 countries, this trend-setting technology involving Air Products know-how, equipment, and hydrogen continues to be increasingly used at a pace of approximately 2,000 hydrogen fills per month.

"The technology and varied applications for the use of hydrogen continue to develop and grow," said Tom Mutchler, general manager, worldwide equipment for Air Products. "It has been exciting to be part of this forward-moving market. Part of the reward has been seeing the commitment of major automobile manufacturers. At the same time, we have participated in diverse hydrogen energy projects with start-up companies, universities and public sector agencies. We are currently working with several entities to advance generation of renewable hydrogen. For those who care to look into the facts, hydrogen will benefit the environment for use in numerous applications and we are particularly excited about off road vehicle activity.The economics of hydrogen are also becoming very compelling."

Air Products, the supplier of merchant hydrogen to the refinery industry to assist in the making of cleaner burning transportation fuels, has placed a majority of its hydrogen fueling station technology in 17 states within the United States. On a global basis, Air Products' has installed hydrogen fueling technology in Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom. In all, more than 80 hydrogen fueling stations worldwide have been placed into service by Air Products.

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