Air Valve Extends Product Life

Air Valve Extends Product Life

Avery Dennison Corporation’s Flexis air valve allows the release of excess air in packages, extending product life and enhancing the performance, ease-of-use, distribution and display of certain foods, beverages, perishables, granular materials and pharmaceuticals.

The air valve, consisting of a membrane, a baffle film and a permanent adhesive, functions as an integral part of a package, protecting against dirt, dust, moisture and contamination, including mites. The membrane’s perforations measure just 8 to 10 microns, compared with the 40-micron standard that is generally accepted for protection against mite infestation.

When packages are stacked on a pallet, pressure forces the release of air and stabilizes the load. The improved stability allows more packages to be stacked per pallet and helps evenly distribute weight across the pallet, promoting greater cost efficiency and safety.

Avery Dennison

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