Nordock introduces a new low-pressure air powered dock leveler designed to improve loading dock efficiency and performance with a simple push of a button. The AIRDOCK dock leveler features a reinforced PVC coated protected and balanced single chamber air bag that is suitable for all environments and will operate efficiently in extreme weather conditions. The single chamber design reduces material and seams and eliminates friction wear and tear. In a stored position, the air bag is completely protected from blowing dust, snow, rain and debris as well as foreign objects in the pit area.

The Auto-Descent™ lip extension uses the natural weight of the deck to provide the power to activate the lip without compromising the power available from the lifting mechanism.

The AIRDOCK air powered dock leveler is a self-contained system with the airbag safely stored away from forklift contact. The leveler is lifted from the deck through rear pockets for easy forklift handling.

Because the airbag does not contact the pit floor, the leveler is installed like every other type of leveler. All lift components are easily accessible for inspection, cleaning and scheduled maintenance.

The AIRDOCK dock leveler is available in 25,000 - 50,000 pound capacities and carries a 5 year lift activation warranty
For more information call NORDOCK toll-free: 1- 866-885-4276 or visit on the web at:

For more information contact:
Nordock Inc

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