AirLiance Materials to Move Headquarters and Warehouse into New Facilities

AirLiance Materials (Chicago) is in the process of moving its operations into two new locations: a state-of-the-art headquarters, sales, customer support and fulfillment facility in Chicago and an additional sales and customer support facility in Jupiter, Fla. The Florida facility is scheduled to go on-line in late July and the headquarters facility is scheduled to begin operations in August.

Created for airlines, by airlines, AirLiance Materials supplies high-quality, traceable, surplus parts to the global air transport industry. The company offers a ange of supply chain related aircraft products and services for its customer airlines and maintenance repair organizations. These products and services include material sales, sourcing, repair management services, parts exchanges, parts kitting, AOG and Just-In-Time services. AirLiance operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

One of the main benefits of moving its headquarters and warehousing facility to a new, specially modified facility (it remains in the Chicago area just minutes from O'Hare International Airport) is a significant gain in space efficiency. The new multi-million dollar facility, which has 161,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, is being equipped with high-density stocking capability that will increase the company's available space for stocking support by nearly 35%. Serving as the fulfillment center for AirLiance's global operations, the headquarters facility will link 100% of its certified and ready-to-ship inventory to its industry leading e-commerce system, allowing customers visibility into exactly what is on the company's shelf any given minute 24/7. Currently, the airlines utilize AirLiance to meet a number of parts provisioning challenges, ranging from AOGs to long-term fleet-specific provisioning strategies.

The new Florida-based facility will enlarge the sales and sourcing organization and will initially focus its efforts on engine products and services. The facility will concentrate on further developing the company's offerings in support of virtually all engines commonly flown on regional, standard, and wide-body aircraft. In addition to strengthening the organization's support of engine parts and regional sales activities, the new facility will also be involved in developing a whole asset acquisition and disposition portfolio to enhance core supply chain strategies.

Source: AirLiance Materials

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