AirSpeed Smart

DEERFIELD, Ill. – The AirSpeed Smart Inflatable packaging system from Pregis
Corporation is the newest and most convenient solution for on-demand, space-saving packaging.
The precision-engineered system produces clear, inflatable air pillow cushions that are an
innovative alternative to bulky void fill materials.

Offering portable, table-top convenience, AirSpeed Smart can be installed in the most compact
work areas. The system’s small footprint and light weight (26 pounds) allow the self-contained
unit to free up valuable packing table space. The AirSpeed Smart also offers maximum flexibility
because it can be easily moved to suit any packaging environment.

“The AirSpeed Smart is amazingly simple to use and provides the high-performance, costeffective
results that packaging operations look for today,” says Tom Wetsch, vice president of
product development at Pregis. “Providing a whole new standard of reliability, the system is
engineered for durability and minimal maintenance and is suitable for a variety of packaging

Cushions made on the Airspeed Smart system can be created on demand so they are readily
available and reduce the need to store bulky packaging materials. As a cost-effective, lightweight
alternative to loose fill, paper, foam and bubble packaging materials, the cushions provide
maximum protection while reducing material and shipping costs, because they fill larger voids
without increasing package weight. Inflatable packaging also provides environmental benefits
because the cushions are recyclable and reusable.

Advanced controls allow operators to produce a wide range of cushion sizes, giving customers
the versatility to select the lengths and air-fill levels that best suit their needs. The AirSpeed
Smart utilizes Pregis’ market-leading film, thus guaranteeing maximum performance.

For more information about Pregis, visit the company’s Web site,

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