Akro-Mils Donates Carts to Mercy Ships

A recent donation of $1,000 in platform carts from Akro-Mils, a North American provider of storage, organization and transport products, is helping the charity organization Mercy Ships offer free surgical procedures to patients in West Africa.

Peter Koontz, chief steward of the ship Africa Mercy, said the donated carts are making a difference for the crew of the world’s largest charity hospital ship in serving an average of 1,500 meals per day.

“Those meals equal more than 2 tons per day of product used, most of which must be moved from our stores location with platform carts,” Koontz explained. “As we searched for new carts to replace our old, worn ones, Akro-Mils generously stepped up by providing us with carts that stand up under the strain that we give them.”

“On behalf of Mercy Ships and the patients that we serve, we would like to offer our heartfelt thanks to Akro-Mils for helping us to bring hope and healing to the poor of West Africa,” he added.

Based in Garden Valley, Texas, Mercy Ships uses hospital ships to deliver free, world-class health care services, capacity building and sustainable development to those without access in the developing world. Founded in 1978, Mercy Ships has worked in more than 70 countries providing services valued at more than $1 billion, with more than 2.35 million direct beneficiaries. Professionals including surgeons, dentists, nurses, health care trainers, teachers, cooks, sailors, engineers and agriculturalists donate their time and skills to the effort. For more information visit http://www.mercyships.org.

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