All-in-one transporter, lift, positioner and work bench

Beyond Products Unveils New Breed of Affordable Hand-Lift Truck "The Mule" all-in-one transporter, lift, positioner and work bench makes debut at NA06; Customizable lift increases productivity, reduces potential workplace injuries

Full Release:

CLEVELAND, Ohio. (April 7, 2006) - Connecticut-based Beyond Products, Inc. today unveiled The Mule(TM), the material handling and assembly industries' first affordable, electronically-powered, versatile hand-lift truck.

Unlike other electronically-powered lift trucks that use custom batteries, The Mule uses an off-the-shelf rechargeable battery with an extended service life. In addition, the screw-driven lift eliminates maintenance issues and costs generally associated with chain, cable or gas-powered lifts. Further, The Mule is the only electronically-driven hand lift available in the $1,000 range. Hand lift trucks in this price category are usually manual crank or pump driven.

The multi-purpose, compact Mule boosts productivity as it is designed to transport and lift up to 350 pounds of material while serving as a work positioner and customizable work bench. In addition, it is lightweight and ergonomically designed to reduce potential workplace injuries.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, more than a million workplace back injuries occur each year due to lifting, placing or carrying materials. In addition, the U.S. Department of Labor also reports that back injuries account for oneAdvertisement quarter of all workers' compensation claims and cost the industry billions of dollars.

"The Mule is perfectly suited to meet today's business challenges of increasing productivity while reducing costs as it is affordable, effective, flexible, and can be used by all employees because it's lightweight and easy to maneuver," said Tom Raducha, Beyond Products vice president of sales. "With its customizable work bench platform, workers can efficiently go from transporting materials to assembly without losing valuable time. As Six Sigma has shown us, even small amounts of extra time spent on waiting for material transportation or positioning can translate into many hours of lost productivity."

Raducha added that The Mule also helps reduce operational costs by cutting the risk of back injuries and other work-related injuries. "Today's reality is run away health and disability claims costs. Manufacturers seeking new technologies and applications to reduce injuries will find The Mule positively contributes to their overall risk management strategies."
In addition to being affordable, boosting productivity and reducing the risk of workplace injuries, The Mule's key features include:
· 350-pound (159 kg) lift capacity
· Electronic, screw-driven 48" lift
· Versatile work platform with vice knob, hold down straps and mounting bar
· Adjustable holding blocks fit holes on platform to allow for maximum customization
· Two 13" unique stair-climbing wheels allow the Mule to be effectively used on stairs
· Dual 10" disk breaks with locking hand break on both rear wheels for added safety
· Custom-designed, low profile castors allow The Mule to turn and maneuver in tight areas
· Ideal for tight spaces and can fit through 28-inch doorways
· Lightweight at only 85 pounds (39 kg)
· Narrow, fold-up design allows for easy storage
· 12V rechargeable, environmentally-friendly battery lasts for 125 - 150 lift cycles per charge

"We are proud to offer the industry this affordable and versatile solution to the growing challenges of increasing productivity and eliminating workplace injuries," said Raducha.

About Beyond Products:
Headquartered in Milford, Connecticut, Beyond Products is the developer of The Mule(TM), the material handling and assembly industries' first affordable, electronically-powered, versatile hand lift truck. Beyond Products is a subsidiary of Outland Engineering, a global leader in the design and development of A/C Safe® brand Air Conditioner Accessories and a wide selection of HVAC innovations. For more information, please contact us at 866-813-3751 or visit

Company Information:
Name: Beyond Products Inc.
Address: 167 Cherry St., PMB 410
City: Milford
State: CT
ZIP: 06460
Country: USA
Phone: 203-874-5329
FAX: 203-878-1065

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