Alliance Offers Chemical Industry Optimization

BLUE BELL, Pa.—Joining in a strategic alliance, ChemLogix and Automated Decisions (ADC), the two are offering a supply chain network optimization service tailored to the needs of the chemical industry by providing insights that can lead to higher profits and cash flows.

The offering is described as, “applying a combination of ChemLogix’ expertise in category management and in-depth chemical industry knowledge together with the extensive expertise of ADC in optimization.”

The service is geared toward optimizing cash, which includes higher working capital costs and constrained availability of cash from both operations and financing. With this type of modeling, the alliance claims potential economic impact well over 3% of sales and overall working capital reductions of over 30% as being common.

“After establishing a baseline of operations, our supply chain network optimization service can model an entire supply chain and define all associated costs and constraints pertaining to service levels, capital assets and resources to provide an economic solution that offers the largest long-term benefits,” explains Frank Erzinger, ChemLogix vice president, supply chain consulting.

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