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CHICAGO – RHINO is introducing three new products designed to help increase efficiency, safety and cost savings for virtually any company using them. RHINO will unveil its 9-Block Aluminum Pallet, Econo-Skid and Slave Board at ProMat 2005, the largest and most comprehensive international material handling and logistics trade event in North America.

“Businesses are starting to see pallets as an asset, one that will easily affect the bottom line,” said Doug Christians, sales manager for RHINO. “Aluminum’s attributes make it the perfect material for a variety of shipping uses. RHINO is making the shipping platforms that will stand the test of time and bring the highest return on investment. ProMat is the perfect place to unveil this solutionsbased,
customer-focused product to the industry.

9-Block Aluminum Pallet
The 9-Block Aluminum Pallet’s construction creates a true four-way pallet, allowing a forklift to approach it from any direction. It is the only available aluminum four-way that is completely repairable with the Lifetime Bolt System and is 100 percent recyclable. The top of the 9-Block Pallet features a punched-out grating grid, providing additional grips to secure the product load
and reduce slippage.

Michigan State University’s School of Packaging conducted independent studies on the RHINO 9-Block Aluminum Pallet. Results showed the 9-Block was far superior to wood and plastic.

“They (the RHINO 9-Block Aluminum Pallet) are lightweight and extremely durable, said Dr. Paul Singh, professor at the University of Michigan and coordinator of the study. “The pallets have a very high bending stiffness and rack strength as compared to alternate materials.”

The study concluded that the pallet is able to withstand a load capacity of 3,000 pounds racking, 3,000 pounds dynamic and 30,000 pounds static. The slip coefficient of friction between the pallets was determined to be .723 and the vented design adds to the interlocking effects among loads and pallets. Also the results show that the new fastening method using screws for joining pallet members is better than previously tested methods of riveting, welding and gluing.

“The University of Michigan studies confirmed what we had speculated internally since RHINO was formed – that our aluminum pallets are the best choice for any supply chain application,” said Christians. “The pallets are a true asset to any business.”

Econo-Skid and Slave Board
The new Econo-Skid and Slave Board are both made of extruded aluminum, offering the same exceptional, lightweight construction found in the 9-Block Pallet. The Econo-Skid, exclusive to RHINO, is a one-way pallet designed for oversees shipping with an eye toward economy, reclamation value and durability. It is able to withstand a load capacity of 3,000 pounds racking, 3,000
pounds dynamic and 30,000 pounds static. The Slave Board provides exceptional transfer capabilities and withstands a load capacity of 4,000 pounds racking, 3,000 pounds dynamic and 30,000 pound stacking.

Why Aluminum?
Aluminum has lightweight strength, offering high performance and longevity. It can be used in a variety of applications and will maintain its structural integrity; allowing no splintering, cracking, corrosion or bending, which means less damage to the product it is carrying and a reduction in pallet-related work injuries. Aluminum is impervious to extreme temperatures, contamination and pests. The 9-Block Pallet, Econo-Skid and Slave Board are hygienic and are easily cleaned and sanitized.

RHINO aluminum pallets were originally developed by BTD Manufacturing in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, as a solution for their own shipping and storage needs. BTD is a metal stamping and fabricating company that needed pallets that were clean, lightweight and able to withstand more than 4,000 pounds. The aluminum pallets were used to deliver BTD products to their own customers, but soon their clients saw its benefits and wanted to purchase the pallets for their own shipping and storage needs. As a result of the overwhelming inquiries, RHINO aluminum pallets was created and now it offers the safest, strongest and best aluminum pallets available. For more information on RHINO, visit

p: 218.846.2900
f : 218.847.4448
1111 13th Avenue SE
Detroit Lakes, MN 56501

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