Anixter Implements ShipNows DI Server

Anixter International has chosen ShipNow's DI Server software to handle parcel shipping at Anixter warehouses located in 10 countries on two continents from a single, centralized data center. The first location is now in production with additional sites expected to come online over the next few months.

This enables Anixter, which distributes 87,000 wire, cable and connector products out of 100 warehouses in 40 countries, to replace four different manifesting systems, which ran on independent servers at each location.

ShipNow Inc., a developer of transportation management software for high-volume parcel shippers, integrated its product with Anixter's Warehouse Management System and other software, including legacy systems. Anixter will deploy in 30 U.S. distribution centers, 10 Canadian distribution centers and eight European distribution centers.

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