Anniversary Edition Buyers Guide

Anniversary Edition Buyers Guide

Celebrating 70 years of service excellence.

C&H Distributors of Milwaukee, WI is pleased to announce their 70th Anniversary Edition of the C&H Buyers Guide. This latest Storage and Material Handling Catalog is packed with over 700 pages of products to get your job done.

In each edition of the C&H Buyer’s Guide, you’ll get an even broader selection of our most popular brands. And this latest catalog is no exception. We’ve added 100s of new items to help you get your job done as well as additional options to existing products that offer smarter, safer, more efficient ways to work. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

For more information please contact C&H Distributors at 800-231-1343 or visit us online at or email us at [email protected].

C&H Distributors
770 S. 70th St.
Milwaukee, WI 53214
F: 800-336-1331
Contact: Certified Product Specialists or Click Here for a FREE Catalog!

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