Anti-Collision Safety System

Anti-Collision Safety System

Sky-Trax Inc.’s new Anti-Collision Safety System for forklift trucks and process vehicles takes the “Dents” out of accidents. Utilizing the innovative Sky-Trax Local Positioning System™, the Safety System tracks the movement of vehicles inside warehouses and factories, automatically sensing each vehicle’s location and warning drivers and pedestrians of impending collisions.

Keep your workers safe!
· Track forklift trucks in real time
· Monitor traffic in critical areas
· Warn pedestrians of approaching vehicles
· Reduce accidents, collisions, forklift damage, & personal injuries

Sky-TraxTM LPS works like a GPS, keeping track of the lift truck position in real-time. Unlike GPS, it works reliably indoors. Sky-TraxTM technology is based on optical components instead of radio wave technology so the system is immune to radio interference and is not affected by building construction materials or contents.

“Forklift trucks represent a well-known occupational hazard in many modern industrial environments. In terms of severe work-related injuries and fatalities, exposure to forklift trucks in the transport industry, in wholesale and retail, and in manufacturing implies high risk to operators, pedestrian workers and others in the environment.” Published in “Safety Monitor” by Monash University, Accident Research Centre.

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