A&P Supermarkets Selects Supply Chain Management Solution

iTRADENETWORK ANNOUNCES SELECTION BY A&P SUPERMARKETS Livermore, Ca. April 19, 2004. iTradeNetwork (ITN) today announced they have been selected by The Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. (A&P, NYSE: GAP) to be A&P's central US supply chain management solution provider for fresh product procurement.

The strategic partnership with ITN will provide A&P's US operations with an automated fresh food ordering and fulfillment process encompassing suppliers, company distribution facilities, and store networks. ITN's end-to-end solution is designed to improve the efficiency of A&P's procurement process enabling the supermarket chain to expand its base of fresh food suppliers and reduce costs.

"Our analysis supports a significant operating margin improvement opportunity over the next year for A&P using the ITN solution," said Robert Bonavito, Chief Executive Officer of iTradeNetwork. "The ITN solution is the most flexible and mature product available and boasts a successful track record with retailers and suppliers."

Bonavito added, "ITN has worked hard to deploy our Distributed Order Management solution throughout the retail and foodservice industries and we are honored to be selected by A&P as their fresh products supply chain solution partner."

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